Judgement (Buena Vista Lavender)

3.7 ml
1/2 ounce concentrate
2 ounce spray

The essences in Judgement enlighten the unconscious to experience deep truths buried within us to transform the personality through willpower. Judgement is One Voice within us that speaks out for justice in a world created to manifest abundance for all.  People can more easily perceive an overall view of their life and problems, as well as others. The aromas help inhibit subconscious fears affecting best judgement, decisions and robust health. This blend awakens us from the mass consciousness of fear and greed that keeps us from following guidance that benefit the oppressed, misinformed and decisions that benefit humanity. The subtle energy of the essences benefit  collagen protein synthesis, keeping us together as One Mind.

 2 Drops  on wrists or spray  neck may be used 3 x daily or as needed.

Testimonial: "It's amazing how much better I feel when my consciousness shifted away from me and my problems, "Betty.

"I'm perceiving the big picture in my life and in the world now, "Jason.