Intuition (Bergamot)

3.7 ml concentrate
1/2 ounce concentrate
2 ounce spray

 Intuition enhances awareness and opens a way to receive and perceive ancient wisdom. As we rise above the mundane, we align our 5 senses to coincide with a 26 second pulse from the deepest layers of the Earth. Intuition enhances the ability to discern when thoughts and actions are not in harmony with our mind and Nature.

The aromas help fortify instincts and promote balance in emotional responses.

PubMedID:31057945 "Clinical Application of Bergamot, Citrus bergamia, For Reducing High Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Markers", M. Nauman and Jeremy Johnson, 2019.

Use drops on wrists or spray neck 3 x daily or as needed to maintain alignment.

Testimonial: "I am receiving guidance from within rather than my opinions and desires. I find myself NOT judging others or deciding how my life is going to unfold," John.

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