Intuition (Bergamot)

3.7 ml concentrate
1/2 ounce concentrate
2 ounce spray

 Intuition enhances awareness and opens a portal to receive and perceive ancient wisdom. As we rise above the mundane, we align our 5 senses to coincide with a 26 second pulse from the deepest layers of the Earth. As our messages  align with this pulse, the body/mind starts working at a higher frequency related to longevity and spontaneous good health. Intuition also  enhances the ability to discern when thoughts and actions are not in harmony with our body/mind , especially pertaining to health.

The aromas help fortify instincts, clears heat in  body functions and promotes balance in the emotional response.

Use drops on wrists or spray neck 3 x daily or as needed to maintain alignment.

Testimonial: "I am receiving guidance from within rather than my opinions and desires. I find myself NOT judging others or deciding how my life is going to unfold. Since this shift, I have had less flareups with chronic problems and also get well faster, "John.