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Inner Peace (Rose Ylang extra, cedarwood aromas)


Inner Peace promotes self control under duress with quiet centeredness and a calming, mellow nature. The blend helps change a restless mind or a need for attention with sympathetic nature. The personality develops good listening skills.

During stress, the person may complain of cold hands and feet, or have a history of viruses, mouth sores and sore throat. Tummy trouble and cradle cap can occur from digestive tension. Sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers and other high frequency radio waves can produce many symptoms without a clear diagnosis

Inner Peace promotes calmness during life challenges and "bad days", encouraging trust in the best outcome and confidence to take positive action.

Testimonial: I used it twice with amazing results- I was on call and knew the conversation would unsettle me. I used the essence neat on my right ear and remained centered and restful throughout the call. Then, this morning my10 year old son; he was in an unsettled mood, frustrated and irritable, so I rubbed it on his ear and he settled and relaxed. I was amazed to see how quickly he responded to the essence, Gemma.