Hoja Santa, Piper auritum

1 dram (1/6 oz) concentrate
1/2oz or 15ml concentrate

The essence especially helps those who do not "feel on top of their game", a loss of drive and vitality. Hoya Santa helps redefine purpose and understand emotions and how to best express them.

Native Americans, especially in Mexico, historically used this herb for soreness, better digestion and vitality. The tea was ingested for better breathing. It also helped the injured as a topical compress. The properties are naturally stimulating and reduced hunger when food was in short supply.

The leaves are used for cooking and flavoring foods, with a natural peppery root beer flavor.

                              " I feel powerful and motivated."

Massage 2 drops on clean unbroken skin 3 x daily."

Testimonial:" I'm getting more accomplished as I focus on what I can complete, Martha"


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