Healthy Heart Pet Scents

Healthy Heart 4 oz

Healthy Heart is an internal flower essence blend to prevent and rehabilitate heart worm and parasite infestation. It has been successfully used for more than 15 years by vets, homeopaths, rescues, and private pet owners. For pets with active heart worm testing, dose 3 x daily for best results for 3 months before retesting. As a preventive, use 1 x daily.

The dose is 15 drops for pets over 20 pounds; 5 drops for pets at least 5 pounds. Tiny pets can use 1- 3 drops daily. Puppies and cats can use 1-2 drops daily. Please consult your vet for advice.

4 ounce bottle. Good Manufacturing Practices

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Testimonial from Debra: My rescue dog had heart worms. We gave her Dr. Judy's Healthy Heart and she was heart worm free next time she visited the vet.

Helps my doggies act young again. even at the age of 15, Mary.

"It's a natural and easy way to keep parasites out of my cats and dogs. When one of my dogs tested positive for heart worms, he was negative a year later, Carla S."