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Guardians (Rose Geranium)


The essences in Guardians  help reduce oxidative stress and  invasion from virus and foreign bodies. They have been researched to help block the entry and proliferation of SARS/Covid viruses. They protect against environmental and energetic forces that affect the psyche and subsequent sensitivities caused by 5G and other frequencies that disturb the patterns of balance in many people. I worked in Spain and Dallas centers with people who are unable to live life with any normalcy. Some have to live in the dark and cannot leave their residence. Those who experience sensitivities and unusual stress from known and unknown sources may benefit from Guardians. 

Use drops or spray 3 x daily or as desired to maintain balance.

Testimonial: My daughter lived in a dark room because she couldn't be around cell phones for 3 years until she used Dr. Griffins product. within a year, she began living a normal life and has a boyfriend, Esperanza.