Guardians (Rose Geranium)

3.7 ml concentrate
2 ounce spray
1/2 ounce concentrate

The essences in Guardians help us feel protected from unusual or unknown sources. It especially helps those who feel sensitive around people who are having negative or difficult experiences. Traveling and new places and people can make sensitive people feel very uncomfortable. The aromas in Guardians are uplifting and comforting.

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Use drops or spray 3 x daily or as desired to maintain balance.

Testimonial: "My daughter lived in a dark room because she couldn't be around cell phones for 3 years and then starting using Dr. Griffin's product. Within a year, she began living a normal life and has a boyfriend," Esperanza.

"The Happiest Aromatherapy Products! The benefits and sense of Beauty are profound I always keep bottles of her sprays around at home for serenity and wellness Reset." Mara S.

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