Fungal Aroma Blend (Tea tree, garden sage)


Candida infections are one of the the most prevalent immune problems in the western world. Besides oral thrush and gum disease, vaginitis and diaper rash, symptoms include chronic fatigue, memory issues, joint pain and arthritis, allergies, cystitis, depression,  chronic sinusitis,diabetic rashes, learning problems headaches,menstrual complaints, ear infections, genital itching, white discharge and rash, digestive problems ,spasms, constipation and inflammation. Often, immunity is compromised from antibiotics, cortical steroids, birth control pills and immune suppressants. The result is an overgrowth of Candida. Fungal Blend not only reduces nail fungal infections and athlete's foot, it can also be applied to the tummy and pelvis to reduce Candida.Those with chronic or recurring symptoms  benefit from application on the  abdomen, pelvis and feet for systemic reduction.  Candida is prevalent in diabetic and inflammatory gastro- intestinal problems and diagnosis. Only use externally. Massage 3-5 drops on each affected area 2-3 x daily. Begin with 3 drops and increase to 5 as needed to abate symptoms. Most systemic Candida infections can be balanced within several weeks to 6 months with regeneration of tissues and re-balancing of the endocrine health. Maintenance dose is 3-5 drops topically daily. Hot summer temperatures increase Candida overgrowth.

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Hand processed. Use topically (on the skin only). Essential oils, organically grown on-site, blended with sweet almond oil. Good Manufacturing Practices.