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Faith (Champaca, Jasmine scent)


Faith transforms unconscious attitudes and beliefs causing underlying tension, blocking order and harmony in one's experiences. It is an excellent choice during meditation or contemplation. Past traumas are easily resolved. The release of energy frees stagnant blood, protecting bones from injury, damage and breakdown from "aging processes". Apply topically to arthritic and rheumatic joints or for nerve pain, like sciatica. and skin problems ,such as acne.

Adrenal support and restoration is enhanced, especially during the winter. Respiratory support is also enhanced.

Faith helps to reduce stress leading to inflammation, immune breakdown, loss of appetite, blood pressure imbalance, endocrine imbalances and blood sugar reactions leading to more inflammation. It has been used in hospitals and clinics to assist those with nonalcoholic fatty liver, as a complimentary therapy. 

Faith helps promote a never ending love, sincere friendship and innocence  yearning for the greatest good. It encourages an awareness of being nurtured while being true to your highest goals.

This fragrant blend includes Jasmine, Cardamom, Champaca flower, Tonka bean and Orange flower absolute.

Definitely works. Stress is melting away, Jenna.