Entero virus Aroma Blend (Ravintsara)

Entero Healing Aroma Blend

Entero Virus Aroma Blend helps protect energy and stamina during cold and flu season. Virus can collect along the spine for long periods of time wearing down energy and healthy responses. Apply Entero Virus Aroma Blend on the wrists, along the spine or bottom of the feet, 3-5 drops 2-3 x daily. One bottle lasts 2-3 months. The blend of essences helps one feel stronger and protected.   


Entero virus is a blend of several Petite Fleur Essences. Massage on unbroken skin, avoiding the eyes and delicate skin.

 It can be used daily throughout the cold/flu season or as needed.

Cold/Flu Aroma Health Essence blend is complimentary and works well with Entero virus. Cold/Flu does not have a sweet almond oil base. It is sprayed onto the to the skin. Entero Virus Aroma Blend has a Sweet Almond oil base, a very helpful carrier oil to soften the skin. I make my blends as ordered. If you need a variation in the blend or help choosing the right product, contact me.

Testimonial: "I had a sore throat and headache and was feeling unwell a few days ago. I applied Enterovirus to my spine according to the directions. My symptoms disappeared after 1 hour. It's a wonderful product, Anne.

Testimonial: I purchased enterovirus and viral escape for precautionary reasons, but both have proven to release what was toxic in my system. I've used them daily. Thank you for your excellent products, Isabel.

My intention is to promote balance and well -being, not diagnose and treat. Consult a physician for medical treatment.