Enhanced Learning (Lavender/lemongrass)

2 oz Spray
1/2 oz concentrate
1 dram (1/6 oz) concentrate

Enhanced Learning  stimulates the mind to encourage the retention of knowledge and wisdom. The essences encourage concentration and focus while studying and learning. Adults benefit from this blend especially when they feel anxious and thoughts are running through their mind. Children use it for school work and study.

Enhanced Learning has a mild lavender, lemon grass and rosemary essence aroma of Petite Fleur Essences.

Mist the neck or massage 2 drops on wrists 3 x daily.

Testimonial from Linda: "I used this blend while writing papers for a masters degree. I wrote and studied for hours. It helped me so much to stay focused, concentrate and communicate clearly".

Mary: "I have less stress with school work and I am more organized."