Echinacea Root Herbal Longevity Tonic

1 oz
4 oz

Echinacea Root is an herbal  blood cleanser, used by Native Americans for snake bites and infections.  I only use organically grown five year old roots I harvest from my gardens. Five year old roots are the most effective. Commercial echinacea are 1 year old roots , with little or no effect.  Our organic herbal tonics are highly concentrated specialty herbs  extracted in the fall to provide the highest potency for optimal health. These tonics are special brews that are  up to 3 weeks time to promote radiant health. Tonics provide nutrients that enhance the natural process of organic function. The tonics may be diluted in hot water or liquid: fifteen drops of tonic in four ounces of hot water and sip 3x daily .

Ancient cultures used echinacea root to cleanse waste and impurities from the blood. Native Americans chewed the root, especially when counteracting snake bites. This herb is best used as an extraction. Otherwise the bitterness of the herb is extremely unpalatable.

 Testimonial: I use Dr. Griffin's tonic for just about any bug or "itis" that comes my way, Lenny.

This product helps with skin  problems and eruptions, Mark.