Dermalift Antioxidant Cream

2 oz jar

 Dermalift is a concentrated moisturizer that  firms, lifts and deeply hydrates mature skin.  Dermalift is our most popular anti-aging cream. Our essences are Organically grown and produced onsite. Massage on clean skin 2 x daily. Light spearmint and rosemary essences in a thick calendula, Shea butter base rejuvenates and balances all skin types.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Testimonial: Dermalift tones my skin, reducing lines and sagging skin. Amazing! My skin tone is improved and areas of different shades are now even, Sarah.

"Dermalift is wonderful. The lines on my face are gone, "Cindi.

Testimonial: "Love it! "Vivian H.

'Being an outside person and aging, my face is showing more and deeper wrinkles. So, I started using Dermalift, My coworkers noticed the change immediately and commented on how good I look," Susan.

"I love the Dermalift cream. It is working very well on my skin. The customer service is excellent. I sent an email and to my surprise, I had an answer in several minutes, problem resolved. This is absolutely amazing shopping." Xu W.

"It makes my skin feel soft at the same time it appears to tighten skin. I plan to repurchase," Doris M.

"I like the light minty fragrance, not overpowering, and the way my skin drinks it up so quickly, "Kate.