1 dram(1/6 oz)

 Spirit Storehouse -Inception - Located inch below the xiphoid process in the center of the upper abdomen and center of the ribs..

Transforms blocked energy affecting the chest. Symptoms may include anxiety, worry, aggression, emotional disorders; mind cannot focus, memory cannot recall words or events; avoidance of social contact, distrust; expecting the worst to happen; and issues of control. Unifies personality fragmentation, denial of inner self, addictive behavior. Energy can congeal here contributing to fatal disease processes.

Also apply to each lateral side of CV 15 and one inch around CV 15.

Testimonial: I apply this for  esophageal tightness. The tightness eases within 5 minutes, Joan.

Testimonial: Applying cv15 helps alleviate chest tightness and I can breathe!, John.