Country Marilou, Antique Rose Flower Essence

1 dram(1/6 oz.)
1/2 oz.
2 oz Spray

Country Marilou encourages inner joy, vitality and regeneration. It helps those who feel uncomfortable with their body. This can be a perception of how the individual sees their body. The essence also helps people's self image, and especially used for those with neuritis, nerve tumors and cysts. Those who struggle with weight find encouragement, hope and determination.

Country Marilou is a vigorous, disease resistant, highly fragrant, pink, loose, double cupped  re blooming rose with overlapping 40 petals. The fragrance is clear, almond, honey- fragrance, reminiscent  of damask roses. The rose fragrance is used  in perfumes. It is a shrub rose, damask hybrid, named after Henry Vlll 's recovered flagship. This rose, 4 x 4 feet, tolerates many soils, a great border rose and  center piece.

                             "My blooms renew Joy in me"

Testimonial: "After a lifetime of feeling embarrassed about my body and only noticing its strangeness, Country Marilou helped me see and feel all the joy that inhabits me. I have been experiencing joy for months now and attracting people who like me the way I am, Helena."

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Petite Fleur Essences are steam distilled and hand processed with purely organically grown flowers and herbs specially formulated to catalyze potentials and enrich the mind, body, and soul. Each is harvested, bottled, and labeled by hand.

Apply two drops to the wrist or heart area daily or as often as every fifteen minutes.