Connections (Spike Lavender)


Connections moves subtle energy throughout the body, enhancing every  function and outreach to others.  Connections helps process desires appropriately and helps us move forward with purpose and determination. The personality desires sustainable results that helps oneself and others in a coordinated fashion. It may also help those with  cold and weak extremities, pale tongue and gums, abdominal distention after meals without pain or inflammation, inability to rest peacefully and feeling stuck in situations. The individual is dissatisfied with themselves and others. There seems to be no way to find contentment. The body/mind cannot easily coordinate or find answers to every day situations. This personality avoids conflict, often becoming a victim from their inability to move forward. Problems seem to weigh the individual down. The shoulders may also droop forward. as the body/mind connects and re -groups, efforts become easier and more productive.

Testimonial: I feel like I can complete tasks and activities I like simply and easily, without a multitude of physical symptoms and mental emotional stress, Chuck.

I feel connected to my spiritual base and faith. Jan.