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Comfrey Yarrow Healing Antiseptic Cream

Comfrey Yarrow Healing Antiseptic Cream


Use Healing Antiseptic Cream Unscented cream for scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Comfrey yarrow  cream also  contains a regenerating property .  The cream is excellent for those with unresponsive dry skin, as well as a rejuvenative,skin cream. The aroma is very mild, allowing the addition of your favorite aroma. Add an essential oil of your choice, such as lavender, to facilitate even greater antiseptic, and other properties. Comfrey yarrow cream is used in hospitals and clinics for bed sores and other rashes successfully for many years. It is safe for adults and children and contains no parabens or waxes.

Comfrey yarrow is my favorite healing cream. I use it for chapped, injured, dry and irritated skin. I wear it on my face. elbows and feet to combat dryness and increase softness, Susan.