Clove, Eugenia caryophyllata, Essential Oil

1dram( !/6 oz.)

Clove essential oil historically has been used to reduce pain, arthritis, sprains, toothaches, athlete's foot, colic, Candida, respiratory and flu symptoms.The oil improves memory and a sense of connection and belonging that aids the personality to solve problems without dependence on others.  Clove is also a mosquito repellent. Use less than 1% in dilution.  1 drop in 1 cup of water or 2 tablespoons of carrier oil in a dilution.Clove essential oil has the highest amount of antioxidant properties of essential oils, making it the most therapeutic single essential oil. Use it cautiously around children and pregnant or lactating mothers. I do not use clove at all with children under 10. (See the Children's Therapeutic Blends for alternatives).  Clove blends well with vanilla, carnation, rose, ylang ylang, and Oriental blends. Blend equal amounts of Clove and Vanilla absolute for 1 month for a totally new aroma reminiscent of carnations.

On the emotional level, Clove releases inhibitions to promote a sense of belonging and a strong sense of connection to the environment. This enables the personality to resolve problems and challenges with courage and conviction. The earthy scent connects us with our core level of faith and stability. Apply the dilution  2 inches around the naval for this emotional release and support.

Always do a patch skin test before using Clove.

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