Chocolate Daisy, Berlandiera lyrata

1/2 oz
1/6 oz or 1 dram

Chocolate Daisy is a calming, fragrant essence that supports the personality to live its highest ideals with courage to confront obstacles. The personality uses courage to confront injustice in society, speak up for others and resolve any conflicts occurring. This is the person who will confront the "Elephant in the room", while others are afraid to speak up. The calming properties of Chocolate Daisy help the individual to correct without pride or harsh words.

Historically, it has been used by diverse cultures topically on wounds. Daisies were believed to have purification properties to help clean wounds, which recent research supports. Texas settlers made a tea to reduce winter symptoms and applied it topically on growths.

Chocolate daisy contains saponins that produce greater inner strength and beauty.

This daisy is a night bloomer producing an early morning chocolate aroma we have modestly captured in this essence. Butterflies and bees are very attracted to this daisy.

                                    I support you in difficult situations.

Massage 2 drops topically on unbroken skin 3 x daily.

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Testimonial: "Wow! it does smell like chocolate! Challenges are not such a big deal anymore,", Laura.


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