Cedar wood, Cedrus Virginiana,Essential oil

1 dram(1/6 oz)

Cedar wood is a well known insect repellent, disorienting and disrupting body functions by disrupting insect pheromones. In 1960, cedarwood oil was registered with the E.P.A. as a pesticide. It has been used  since Egyptian times. It is generally considered safe when used as directed.

It is also used to renew a cedar smell on cedarwood furniture. It has a balsam and camphor aroma, which is very strong.

Chemical constitutes of cedarwood are sesquiterpenes:  a-cedrene, thujosene and cedrol. They are often described as balancing and grounding for emotions. Historically, cedarwood has been used in sacred or religious rituals. Anti inflammatory properties have been studied on animals topically.

Cedar blends well with Cypress and citrus essential oils in small amounts. One or 2 drops is sufficient. Using more essential oils is not better.

For External Use Only.

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