Bone & Joint Health

120 capsules


Bone and Joint helps reduce mobility complaints. The product includes a blend of amino acids.  It contains Glucosamine and MSM B vitamins and vitamin E.  Ask approval by your physician. Call Dr. Griffin for more information about this product.

Available in the U.S, only. Good Manufacturing Practices.

Ingredients: Vitamin c Vitamin E tocopherol succinate, pantothenic acid, manganese, molybdenum, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), glucosamine HCL, chondroitin, L cysteine, Green Shell Mussel, Hyaluronic acid, N acetyl cysteine, Reduced glutathione. See ingredients picture below. Other ingredients: gelatin, vegetable lubricant and  contains crab and shrimp crustaceans.

Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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