Bone & Joint Health

120 capsules


Bone and Joint health helps reduce back and neck pain, muscle/tendon/skeletal injuries, arthritis, and inflammatory complaints The product includes a blend of amino acids . Glucosamine and MSM  also produced by the body to reduce pain and inflammation. It contains B vitamins and vitamin E .The recommended Dosage: 4 capsules daily ,as approved by your physician. Call Dr. Griffin for more information about this product.

I have clients who have reduced or replaced pain medications after years of use by consistently using Bone and Joint Health, which was approved by their physician. Available in the U.S, only. Good Manufacturing Practices.

Ingredients: Vitamin c Vitamin E tocopherol succinate, pantothenic acid, manganese, molybdenum, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), glucosamine HCL, chondroitin, L cysteine, Green Shell Mussel, Hyaluronic acid, N acetyl cysteine, Reduced glutathione. See ingredients picture below. Other ingredients: gelatin, vegetable lubricant and  contains crab and shrimp crustaceans.

Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Testimonial: " Beyond incredible! It's been an amazing product to help heal my broken wrist. It has also helped with the pain management since my surgery 12/22/22," Judy S.