Black Spruce Essential Oil, Picea Mariana

1 dram (1/6 oz.)
Black Spruce, Picea Mariana,helps relieve arthritis, sciatica, low back pain, bone pain, muscle spasms,sinus and bronchitis. Black Spruce essential oil has a cortisone-like stimulant affecting the immune system.It aids those with weak thymus, adrenal and pituitary glands. Blend it with herbaceous and earthy oils, like Tarragon, Ginger and Patchouli.  Black Spruce brings energy downwards from the lungs, making it incredibly grounding for the personality. It allows one to gather what is valuable in the environment to oneself. Black Spruce calms instincts and centers the personality during stressful circumstances.Black Spruce nourishes from deep within the roots of the personality to encourage adaptation to the many changes occurring in life. It also helps release emotional blocks . When I use a drop or two in a blend,  Spruce adds a boldness  that accents rose, jasmine and other florals. Black Spruce,has a sweet, earthy aroma, a beautiful green scent when added to blends, perfumes or a bath. Added to a bath, it lends a calming, relaxing experience. 
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