Beauty Berry, Callipara Americana (Raspberry aroma)


Beauty from within, with a dramatic aroma, accents self-esteem in this blend. The ancient Greeks wore a balm made of fresh berries to even skin tone. Beauty berries have been topically applied to minor skin problems in Mediterranean cultures since the most ancient, recorded times. There are at least 40 varieties worldwide.

As a fragrance, it has a soothing, yet uplifting aroma. The aroma lifts in layers in a short time. Lasting fragrance.

The Beauty berry is an Asian plant used as a food for centuries by indigenous peoples. The bush can be grown and harvested in the fall when the berries turn red.

"A Clerodane Diterpene from Callipara Americana Resensitizes methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus to beta -lactam antibiotics: American Chemical society, Infectious Diseases, 2020. Authors: Micah Dettwiller, R. Melander, Gina Porras, Lewis Marquis, C. Risenge,Thuranga Samarkoo, Christian Melander and Cassandra Quave.

We do not use Beauty berry essential oil, which is used to repel insects. We make an extract with hundreds of berries, leaves and few twigs aged for several months to a year.

3.7 ml bottle

Testimonial: "Great lasting perfume like aroma! And it coats my skin," Vera.

"Great natural fragrance for a good price", Sheila.

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