Basil, Ocimum basilicum, Essential Oil Floral Water

2 oz Spray
8 oz Spray

 Basil floral water is an antiviral, fights infection, loss of smell, insufficient lactation and exhaustion. Spray it on the body as an insect repellent, especially for flies.  The aroma increases memory and clarity as it reduces melancholy and nervous depression. Basil can also alleviate adrenal fatigue, with other symptoms ,such as low back pain and aversion to cold. Basil floral water has been used since ancient times for infertility and sexual disinterest. Spray the  neck and abdomen daily. (Also see Female Serenity Longevity Herbal or Male Herbal Tonic)

Steam distilled from organically grown blooms. Spray on face, hair and skin.

Avoid eye contact