Basil Flower Essence,Ocimum basilicum

1 dram(1/6 oz.)
1/2 oz.

Basil helps resolve inferiority feelings, guilt, and not being" good enough". It helps the personality utilize their achievements and talents for the greatest good, removing layers of guilt that prevent success. Previously, the personality may feel an emptiness with completion of a goal, and that something important is missing.
Historically, Basil brings success and abundance. The leaves and flowers are very aromatic and used by East Indians to help balance racing thoughts.


                        "Perfection and Achievement shine before me."

Testimonial: "I no longer look to others for approval. I truly feel like a free spirit, "Pita.

Petite Fleur Essences are steam distilled and hand processed with purely organically grown flowers and herbs specially formulated to catalyze potentials and enrich the mind, body, and soul. Each is harvested, bottled, and labeled by hand.

Apply two drops to the wrist or heart area 3x daily or as often as every fifteen minutes.

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