Awareness (Cherry)



Awareness helps the Collective Consciousness shape destiny and common goals and cooperative behaviour. Uplifting aromas help balance cranial sacral energy, vasodilation, protecting retinal tissue, improving oxygenation, elasticity of connective tissue and reduce stress hormones affecting the cardiovascular system. The balancing nature of this blend can help restore chemical imbalance, migraine and feelings of isolation and withdrawal. The blend is calming for Post Traumatic Stress disorder, depression and autism. Antioxidant properties helps protect cells from degeneration and reduce swelling and pain from arthritis. Creative breakthroughs occur as we become united  in shared intention and purpose.

"You are the soul of the Soul of the Universe, and your name is Love...Love embraces all" Rumi, 13th century poet.

Testimonial: Delicate scent, Lovely essence, like springtime in a bottle. Fills me with happiness and hope. I also felt the tension drain from my body and finally felt relaxed. I am so grateful! Mary C.