Autumn Sage Wildflower


Autumn Sage essence helps those who are low in energy and use caffeine and sugar to complete their daily routines.  Recharging for the next day becomes more difficult without stimulants. They have trouble sleeping, or awaken often during the night. Their limbs may often ache and body functions are slow. Some part of the body usually hurts or feels weak.

Historically, Autumn Sage has been used to enhance circulation, blood flow to the extremities, irregular heart beat, injury from repetitive use of hands, arms and legs and anxious feelings about lack of strength and endurance. The flower, which tastes sweet, is associated with prosperity. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds feed on the flowers.

Autumn Sage helps to build reserve energy and endurance. Life is more fulfilling with energy to spare. 

                                    "I found my source of  lasting energy within."

Massage 2 drops on clean skin 3 x daily.

Distilled in glass and held in vegetable glycerin. No alcohol.

Good Manufacturing Practices.


                                       My energy increases every day.

Testimonial: "I love the essence, Patrick."

"I'm slowly rebuilding and feeling better I understand what happens to my body when I overwork or play," Margaret.