Angelica Root Essential Oil, Angelica archangelica

1dram( 1/6 oz)

Angelica Root (Angelica arch angelica),has an earthy aroma  that reduces stress disorders, migraines, spasms and tension. It helps balances anorexics, supports digestion.. Diluted in a carrier oil, it can help the stress experienced by anorexics. Massage onto the stomach and navel area daily. Angelica root aids circulation by reducing the accumulation of toxic, metabolic waste. It is very beneficial for psoriasis and helps produce a radiant complexion. It benefits  those who have acne. We add it to our comfrey yarrow cream. I use it with attention deficit and hyperactive people in Adhd/Add blends.  Dilute 1 drop in 1 cup of water or 2 tablespoons of carrier oil or comfrey yarrow cream. Avoid during pregnancy or with children under 5 years old. The essential oil is made from steam distilled roots. In Medieval times, Angelica root essential oil protected people from epidemics and, possibly ,the plague.

Testimonial:" Angelica root relieved my itchy rash. I mixed 1 drop with Recovery cream and applied it 1 or 2 x daily until the rash healed, Anne J."