Attention Span (lemon grass)

2 oz Spray
1/2 oz concentrate
1 dram (1/6 oz) concentrate

Attention Span enhances focus and concentration for children and adults, while calming the mind . This blend is very grounding, allowing for coordination of body/mind activity. Spacey children become more alert and engaged in their environment. It calms frustration and inability to communicate, focus and study effectively. I have successfully used this blend to help calm autistic children and adults.

The person feels  stable, secure, and grounded, rather than impulsive, absent minded, and unpredictable. Stamina replaces overwork and low energy. Physical energy relates to communication affecting the feet, legs, spine, and sense of smell. Those who experience heightened sense of smell enjoy Attention Span.

 Testimonial from Michael's mother:

"My son is a young autistic adult who wore  the Attention Span drops faithfully for 4-5 months. By this time, he could talk and call in his order and had his own credit/debit card. Talking audibly seemed impossible previously. He also started working!"

"It's amazing my legs stopped restless activity as my mind became calm," Drake.