Oily Natural Skin Assortment

4 item acne assortment package
Lavender Pearlescent Body Wash
Lavender healing Water
Rose Oil Skin Therapy
Lemon Rose Power Cleanser
4 Item Package( Items may also be purchased individually.)
 Lavender Pearlescent Body Wash (8 oz) a deep cleanser for the shower or bath, Lavender Healing Water (8 oz) spray on face and neck after bathing , Lemon Rose Power Cleanser & Clarifier Spray (2 oz)Spray on acne before starting the day, Rose Oil Skin Therapy (2 oz)Spray on face and neck at night.
  1. Cleanse 3 times daily with Lavender Pearlescent Body Wash: clears whiteheads and softens blackheads, reduces oily skin and sebum. Also use for shower and shampoo treatments.
  2. Spray Lavender Healing Water:Hydrates as it continues to deep clean and shrink pores
  3. Then spray Lemon Rose Clarifier spray: Disinfects,reduces breakouts, shrinks zits and cysts
  4. Night time; cleanse ant then spray Rose Oil Skin Therapy: A multifaceted organic aloe base to heal and regenerate healthy tissue. 

All-Organic, No Parabens Good Manufacturing Practices

Testimonial: Gerard, what a difference the products made within a few days and weeks!

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