12 Point Spirit Path Kit


The 12 Spirit Point Path kit essences help correct centering, balancing, and establishing the" Heart Spirit " energy, the most important aspect of Natural Healing. The first task is to free the personality from the total focus of the mundane world. The 12 Spirit Points address all aspects of how an individual processes underlying stress that can lead to or escalate symptoms. This can include triggers of genetic disease.

Have you ever dreamed that you could have the energy of youth and the wisdom of age? Do you have a variety of symptoms but, are told there's nothing wrong with you?

The results of the 12 point Path are profound , allowing the greatest health and potentials to emerge. We can perceive life beyond limitations, rid ourselves of unproductive beliefs, and habitual reactions since childhood. Intuition, latent talents and intimate levels of relationships evolve. The struggles of life give way to spontaneity and being in the right place at the right time. The individual rooted in Heart Spirit is fully engaged and able to recognize and refute destructive forces.

The 12 Spirit Point Path aligns heart energy to every organ meridian, while balancing emotional trauma, fears and obstacles is a combination of over 70 Petite Fleur Essence, mother tinctures, and 20 aromatic essences. One drop each of the 12 bottles are applied to a specific area of the body. The flowers in each bottle resonate to 1 of the 12 acupuncture meridians. Each bottle holds approximately 100 drops. A dose is 1 drop of each bottle, applied topically to a specific location on the body. A handbook is available of a diagram and for information and variants.

The essences are distilled, and hand made from fresh, organic, garden blooms from our gardens. No chemicals or alcohol are used to process or grow the flowers.

12 Point Spirit Path helps those with many chronic health conditions, fears and psychological conditions and behavior. It also helps those climbing to their highest potentials, overcoming challenges and lack of motivation. 

If you feel stuck, finding yourself repeating the same mistakes ,or unable to overcome a blind spot, the essence blends will help you reboot your lifestyle and fulfill your dreams.

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