Texas Wildflower Essence Kit


Join the legacy of Texas Wildflower Essences helping us endure and mature through challenges, hardships, loneliness and a variety of social and personal relationship issues. We learn to be an integral part a of a dynamic universe where the sky is no longer the limit. We can cultivate community and family on smaller and larger scales that always create kindness. Learn your role and capabilities to meet the challenges of today and the future with Texas Wildflower Essences, blooming for millenniums. These wildflowers are blooming near the oldest archeological site in the world, 18,000 BC.

                                               Ya'll Come!                                                                              

The flowers continue to be survival food since the earliest Native Americans and the largest migration of butterfly species, hummingbirds and beneficial insects. Native Americans used them to honor their ancestors and nurture spirit, hopes and dreams, assuring continuation of their race.

Massage 2 drops on clean unbroken skin 3 x daily.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Testimonial: "I use to live in Texas and enjoy having the wildflower energy with me. They have helped me sort quite a few things out in my life and I'm attracting really good people into my personal and work environment," Anna.