Texas Bluebell Wildflower, Eustoma exaltatum russellianum

1 dram
1/2 oz

Texas Bluebells return us to the innocence and wonder of life before experiences caused disappointment and disillusion. As we open to the love of creation again, we can understand disappointment and feel hope from the heart. 

Historically, Cherokee Native Americans and Texas tribes used Bluebells to support better breathing and dissipate "heat "from the body.

In legends, Bluebells offered the fairy queen of flowers a safe, comfortable blossom to spend the night. In return, Texas bluebells are able to open fresh every morning, blooming again, offering courage and admiration to travelers.

                                      "My blooms return us to innocence."

Massage 2 drops on clean, unbroken skin 3 x daily. Avoid the eyes and delicate skin.

Testimonial: " This essence is very unique. I feel so optimistic and certain my life is making big changes. I look forward to each new day." Beatrice.

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