Gray Vervain Texas Wildflower, Verbena canescens

1 dram
1/2 oz

Gray Vervain essence encourages a relaxed, attentive mind, willing to learn, builds stamina and endurance for a person who often expects the worst outcomes in situations. The essence creates a safe space mentally and emotionally to accept the grace of fulfillment.  Expect the best!

Non fragrant.

Historically, Texas settlers made a tea for better resting habits and release of tension and soreness. Gray Vervain is a Texas wildflower also used by Native Americans as a resting aid.

This personality has a natural talent of cultivating courtesy to listen and encourage others. They do not dismiss or down play others' fears, doubts or hopes. They develop meaningful relationships by caring for others frequently. And, their sincere concern for others will assist them in overcoming the worst in life. 

                                           " I am the grace of fulfilment."

     Massage 2 drops on clean, unbroken skin 3 x daily. avoid eyes and delicate skin.

Testimonial: " My perception is changing from the sky is falling, to, "it's a pretty day", Rosa.

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