Texas Wildflower Golden Phoenix, Caesalpinia gilliesii

3.7 ml, 1 dram:
1/2 ounce

Golden Phoenix enhances a pioneering spirit and natural leadership , enduring hardships to create or find answers that benefit many. The personality clears a path in practical ways, easy  for others to learn.  Strength and resilience capture opportunities , new ideas and beginnings like a magnet.

Historically, the flower was used as a tonic  by Native Americans, and to prevent reoccurrence of symptoms.

 Golden Phoenix keeps us upright and moving. The body and mind knows no age or difficulty . The bigger the challenge, the faster the response.

                            " I will guide you in the right direction."

Massage 2 drops 3 x daily on clean unbroken skin. Avoid eyes and delicate skin.

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Testimonial: "I am definitely responding faster with better results to challenges and opportunities," Sylvie.