Clearing Feng Shui Room Spray

4 oz.

Clearing is a calming blend that cleans stale odors and negative emotions from the air.

Mist cluttered areas, closets, desks, corners of the home, office, garage and garden. Spray where pets reside, musty or smoky areas. Mist hospital room or sick room. Spray children's rooms, clothes and curtains. Clear the room after outbursts and arguments. Mist your head or body when you feel angry, overwhelmed, out of control or defeated; when your priorities are unclear or procrastination occurs; or when you're holding onto jobs, people and places, which impede transformation.

Testimonial from Gina: "I sprayed my husband's car, inside his shoes and hat with remarkable results! He's in a much better mood."

"My products arrived today. I feel better prepared to deal with any future man- made airborne problem for myself, family and clients." Roseanna.

Robin: "I've had a draining, confusing situation dealing with my mother's estate. I sprayed Clearing around my head. I have never experienced such a dramatic response with essences. The feeling of relief was instantaneous."

Good Manufacturing Practices

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