Rose Campion, Verbascum thapsus rosa, Flower Essence

1 dram( 1/6 oz.)

Rose Campion flower essence helps reduce emotional tension, especially related to chronic complaints and reoccurring issues. It is used in blends to reduce old habits. It helps plan a better future as the personality creates a new perspective. The energy is protective and restores natural defenses. This is a wonderful essence to reduce undermining causes of chronic problems.

Non fragrant.

Rose Campion is known as Pink Mullein. The leaves and historical uses and growing habits are very similar to Mullein, an invasive plant in farming communities. It is not the same plant, is not invasive in Texas and has a beautiful rose colored flower.

                         "I am liberated from outdated habits." 

Petite Fleur Essences are steam distilled and hand processed with purely organically grown flowers and herbs specially formulated to catalyze potentials and enrich the mind, emotions, and soul. Each is harvested, bottled, and labeled by hand.

Apply two drops to the wrist or heart area daily or as often as every fifteen minutes.

Testimonial: " Rose Campion supported me when I changed my old ways, and I won't go back.", Trish.

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