Purple velvet lavender 2 ounce Spray


Purple Velvet originates from our highly fragrant Provence lavender flowers. The aroma instantly calms the mind, letting go of fears, worries and complaints. Worn daily, it has helped with anxiousness, sadness and spontaneous traumatic memories. as it soothes the senses, Provence lavender adds a feeling of protection and harmony within and in the environment. The legacy of lavender provoking love is as enduring as art in every culture.

Historically, lavender has been used as an insect repellent. Bugs dislike the aroma as much as we love it. The aroma is pure, clean and sanitizing. It also has been applied to burns and minor wounds for soothing, cleansing purposes. It is referred to as spikenard in the Bible and Biblical times. It was used to open the crown chakra in India to promote relaxation and greater self-awareness.

Available in 60 ml spray mister

Good manufacturing practices.


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