Valrian Root, Valeriana officinales Essential Oil

1 dram (1/6 oz.)

Valerian root, Valeriana officinalis, essential oil has a musky, earthy aroma that is appealing to those who have insomnia, anxiety,  fatigue and hot flashes, with or without menopause. Valerian promotes sleep from exhaustion, not over stimulation.  Both the aroma and the herbal extract calm and relax the nervous system. Valerian may also be beneficial for menopausal symptoms, spasms, cough, asthma, migraines P.M.S. and pain. It combines well with hops flowers, ginger root, turmeric, cloves and mints. Valerian can be diluted to massage on cats and dogs in very small doses. Historically, valerian has been used in love potions. I assume this calms the person, since it puts the rest of us to sleep.Dose lightly.( See Mother Nature's Herbal, by Judy Griffin)

After 3 weeks of continued use, discontinue for 1 week before using Valerian again. Valerian can be very grounding and building when used properly. Valerian is habit forming for some people. Use cautiously.

Dilution: 1 drop in 2 tablespoons of carrier oil as a topical application.



















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