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Osmanthus Absolute(Osmanthus fragrans)


Osmanthus Absolute(Osmanthus fragrans) has a floral scent sought by perfumers for its unusual elegant aroma. It is also one of the most expensive heart notes in perfumery having a unique sweet fragrance. The plant is called Tea Olive or Sweet Olive. The aroma is one you will always remember as a new experience. The absolute I prepare allows the fragrance to be enjoyed at a affordable price. Originating in China, Osmanthus symbolizes true love and faithfulness. I am so glad it grows in Texas!  September marks the Chinese Moon festival, or Osmanthus festival. A time to enjoy and honor such a prized flower! Osmanthus absolute blends well with Jasmine grandiflora, Rose absolute, and Neroli. After you experience the heavenly aroma, you may choose to wear Osmanthus neat!