Oregano, Oreganum vulgare, Essential Oil

1 dram( 1/6 oz.)

Oregano flower essential oil enhances circulation, digestion, and energy.It is an effective anti-fungal and reduces sinus congestion and infection. It stimulates appetite, stops hiccups, calms coughs and reduces bronchitis. Wear a diluted drop in carrier oil on a planters wart daily until relief is evident. It is listed as toxic internally. The aromatic oils are so strong, they drive through the skin and  immediately circulate through the blood  when applied topically. There is no reason to ingest the essential oil.Avoid during pregnancy because it can stimulate menses and subsequent miscarriage.

Dilute 2 drops in one cup of water or carrier oil.( It always reminds me of my Italian relatives. We cook with  oregano very often. I smell like a salad when I wear it!) Oregano is a good insect repellent. Oregano blends well with Lemon and Lemongrass,Basil, Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Cedar wood.

For External Use Only.