Lavender concrete (Lavandula officinales)

1 dram(1/6 oz.)
1/12 oz.

Lavender concrete(Lavendula) is a thick, dark green, deeply fragrant liquid extracted from fresh flowers from a solvent. In blends, the concrete yields soft layers of lavender flower aroma. The fragrance is  long lasting. The concrete can be rendered into an absolute through alcohol extraction, removing any waxy material contained in the concrete.

Lavender concrete can be diluted into carrier oils, solid perfume or perfume, to hold the other fragrances as they unfold naturally. It sinks to the bottom of the container, infusing lavender aroma into the blend. Lavender is also calming and immune protective that also reduces tension and sadness. Lavender concrete holds the true nature and fragrance of the plant. Topical use only.

Testimonial: "Gorgeous layers of lavender" This pourable concrete is sublime. Far from smelling soapy, this is a personal lavender tour with a pleasant introduction to every facet contained within. It reveals itself beautifully within a perfume blend as a perfect balance of green, floral and spice. Exquisite! Sabina B.

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