Bergamot Essential Oil, Citrus bergamia

1 dram(1/6 oz)


Bergamot essential oil is a hybrid of bitter orange and lemon, a very popular fragrance for skincare. Bergamot helps reduce the desires involved in addictive and nonproductive behavior. It also  has been used historically to reduce cold sores, fevers, anorexia, gingivitis,sore throats, cystitis, colic, dry and oily skin. Bergamot affects the liver beneficially ,enhancing blood sugar balance, cholesterol and triglycerides usage. In natural perfumes, Bergamot is a preferred top note to define the blend and lure the recipient to wear it. Bergamot blends well with all citrus, floral and herbals and spices. I use it to lift heavy woody aromas,such as Cabreuva and Cedar.