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Antique Rose Collection : Discover the Unique beauty, fragrance, history, and cultural symbolism of Antique Roses from around the world. Power of fragrance and aromatherapy Scent through the ages Art of perfume DIY Natural rose fragrances and attars Rose Skincare, Hair care Rose recipes and health benefits Pet care Energy Balance Children essences Original Rose Species, (their) lineage with over 100 color photos. Beneficial effects research Organic Rose Gardening Growing old Roses in many climates Plant Intelligence and Communication Rose Diseases and natural remedies.

All Rights Reserved Copyright, February , 2022.

About the authors: Judy Griffin PhD. authored Mother Nature's Herbal, Flowers that Heal, The Healing Flowers, and Romancing the Rose Color Book.

Judy Griffin PhD. is a renowned teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist. She organically grows and produces Petite Fleur Essences and AromaHealthTM essential oil and skincare products. Her aroma blends are used at the Baylor Healing Program in Dallas, Texas. She has a PhD. in nutrition, and teaches nutrition, herbs, and aromatherapy for the "Neat" breast cancer program sponsored by Harris Hospital. She has lectured at the International Flower Essence Conference at Findhorn and the Natural Menopause Symposium in England with Dr. John Lee. Judy also developed an herbal curriculum for the University of Texas in Arlington and Texas Christian University.

Jason Ermis began making Petite Fleur Essences at 6 years old. He's a avid gardener who enjoys an intimate connection with old roses, and plants. He has created new essences and distills roses and flowers with a passion for purity and quality.

Jason's artistic nature includes sculpting live edge wood creations infused with original designs. His artistic touch is evident throughout the website and every product label. Jason utilizes his degree in computer engineering to expand,  plan and manage the gardens and aromahealthtexas business.

Book written by Judy Griffin PhD.      Co-author: Jason Ermis

Edited by : Mark Shelton, Jason Ermis, Fran Gorham

*E-book done by Stan Drew- Golden Images LLC

Testimonials: "It's Beautiful!", Kathryn D.

"So much information in one place! It's a comprehensive, knowledgeable book of all things roses. I especially enjoy reading about the history of the roses, Fran G."

  "I love, love, love the book! I have a greater love and appreciation of roses after reading this book. This is a comprehensive and educational book beautifully written by a master with many years of experience. Judy has an intimate connection and relationship with roses and how they communicate with us." Theresa G.

"This book is full of knowledge and insights to allow one to connect with the roses, the divine and nature to heal the soul at the deepest levels. Truly privileged to be able to read this information. Thank you, Dr. Griffin," Carla S.

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