Better Habits ( Provence Lavender)

2 oz Spray
1/2 oz concentrate
1 dram (1/6 oz.) concentrate

Aromas in this blend focus on developing our inner potentials and finding balance. This often requires growing beyond the comfort zone to achieve a new level of creativity. Short lived, empty pleasures and avoidance of pain can be replaced by actualizing desires originating from higher principles. Attachment to the past, frustration, and the inability to move beyond obstacles, negative self- identity, and mental inertia can be replaced by the pleasure of success.

Better Habits includes Osmanthus essence, a heady aroma that reduces cravings, Provence and Spike lavender, lemon balm, knotted marjoram and Antique roses. Osmanthus is one of the most expensive and rare aromas. I grow and produce small amounts for clients and products to keep the cost down and success rate up! It works with the highest centers of consciousness of awareness.

Aromatherapy for the brain: Lavender's healing effect on epilepsy, depression, anxiety migraine and Alzheimer's: N.H.Bavarsad: Heliyon, 2023, PMID 37554839.

This study suggests more research.

Apply or spray on throat and neck 3 x daily and repeat as needed to reduce urges.

Testimonial: "My perception is changing from immediate gratification to long term achievement! "Dania.

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