Joyful (Damask Rose)

2 ounce spray
1 dram
1/2 ounce concentrate

Joyful awakens a time of innocence before difficult life experiences and prejudices. The aromas awaken the memories of being loved and experiences of love and beauty. Joy is an internal experience, like a child experiencing wonder. Joyfulness is released from deep within. It is unconditional and independent of external circumstances and approval.

The blend releases excessive attachments, feeling undesirable, holding back words and feelings, while finding meaningful words and values. Those who feel loved are much less likely to experience serious illness as adults. (Harvard stress study, 1952-1954, Dr. David Kissin, Scotland, Great Britain.)

Joyfulness is supportive of natural functioning of the heart and vascular system. Feeling lonely and socially isolated increases the risk of heart failure by 15-20%. (American College of Cardiology, Feb.1,2023). The feeling of loneliness, whether socially involved or not, has the worst effects on cardiovascular health.

  The aromas of Neroli, Damask rose, and Provence lavender create the opportunity to release the painful past and renew the psyche from the very essence of the life force.

Massage2 drops on wrists or spray neck 3 x daily.

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Testimonial: "I feel 100% alive when I use Joyful," Millie.

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