Divine Right (Litsea, Light Lemon ,non citrus aroma)

3.7 ml concentrate
2 ounce spray
1/2 ounce concentrate

The essences in Divine Right align the personality with all that is sacred and moral. The subtle energy stabilizes emotions and avoids extremes, while encouraging those who withdraw from life from lack of interest. It helps determine universal good by discerning good from selfish, evil and immoral acts. Then, we can experience the extraordinary in everyday situations and inner beauty of others. Eventually, we can appreciate uniqueness and how we all work together through an amazing peace of mind. Unproductive, endless thoughts will yield to self nourishing thoughts and actions, often described by ancients as chopping wood and carrying water. Divine Right regulates the mind and frees the personality from attachment to guide us to our greatest potentials.

The aromas include many bourbon roses, holy basil and may flowers to enhance the higher centers of the brain.

Use drops or spray 3 x daily or as needed to restore balance to the Mind and body.

"This blend helps me stop stress eating and exhausting myself with worries. I'm ok with my life and achieve more without making myself sick, " Rick.