Deep Sleep (Lavender)

2 oz Spray
1/2 oz concentrate
1 dram (1/6 oz.) concentrate

 Deep Sleep  blend improves sleep patterns. Rub 2 drops on each earlobe at bedtime, or spray on throat,  to  wake up refreshed. For the mister, spray throat and neck 3 x before bedtime. Repeat as needed if awakened during the night with drops or spray.  Deep Sleep has a light scent of fresh blooms of  lavender and verbena.

Testimonial from Clyde: "My physician recommended Deep Sleep because he felt restful sleep can reduce the onset of many major illnesses".

Testimonial: "My husband used a Deep Sleep bottle that has been in the cabinet 10 years. Said it still works, "Linda.

"This mixture helps me get a much better night's sleep. We have been using Dr. Judy's formulas for years and her essential oils are the best we've found, Robert F."

Testimonial from Karyn: "I love the smell and results. I sleep like I did when I was younger."

"I have been successfully using deep sleep for years, "Sherry.