Affection (Pineapple Sage)

2 oz Spray
1/2 oz concentrate
1 dram (1/6 oz) concentrate

Affection is a blend for complicated relationships.  Affection helps clear old patterns to encourage how to change and attract kindred spirits. The blend is balancing, especially during difficult situations causing negative thoughts and inflammatory responses. Powerful responses aid those who want to enhance new challenges and simplify personal life.

 The invigorating effect of pineapple sage aroma helps reduce disappointment from tense environments and become more loving. The essence is very purifying and was used by indigenous cultures in purification ceremonies. As a tea or food flavoring, it was believed to have antioxidant properties.

In traditional European medicine, it was used to improve memory, reduce anxiety and enhance normal blood pressure. (Ethnopharmacology, 2006,) In Mexican culture, Salvia elegans is useful to alleviate central nervous system ailments. (Makino T., Iwbuchi H., Aroma components of Pineapple Sage:  Food Ingredients 1996. 


The blend helps natural spontaneity and a loving heart. 

Massage 2 drops on wrist 3 x daily or mist spray on neck 3 x daily.

Testimonial: When I get going in the morning and have a dour cranky outlook ,a spray of this on my throat "switches gears" so fast I find I'm smiley and thinking warmly of beloved people within minutes, Mara S.

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