Beauty Berry (Raspberry)


Beauty from within accents self esteem in this blend.   Topically, it reduces melanin,  evening skin tone and brown spots.  Wear this blend on new scars and damaged tissues, bed sores and tissue lacking collagen for quick regeneration.

Beauty Berry also helps inhibit viral bonding and synergizes with antivirals. It helps protects against food born bacteria, such as salmonella and topically  from MSRA, Candida and skin injuries from inflammation. Soothing skin properties help diabetics by reducing cellular oxidative stress .

Beauty berry has been cytotoxic to particular damaged prostate, breast and leukemic cells in test tubes. It contains carnolsol, protective for lung transplants. 

Certain memory enhancing properties reduce memory impairment including those with amnesia and Alzheimer's.

Testimonial: "Great lasting perfume like aroma! And it soothes and heals my itchy, inflamed skin," Vera.