February Newsletter/Sale
AromaHealth February Newsletter/Sale
15% Off Selected items 

Sale runs from January 28th to February 6th

*New Fascia Buster* …... Anti-viral and Immune Enhancers
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Connective and fascia tissue are the leading causes of chronic pain, osteoarthritis and balance problems. Fascia fits around muscles holding bones in place like a sleeve. As it hardens or stiffens, pain and imbalance occur. Connective tissue surrounds every part of your body.
Our newest product:
Fascia Buster provides immediate circulation and pain relief. Use it for planter fasciatus and any painful areas like, knees, feet, and bone spurs....
                                                         2 oz. jar $24.95(price does not include 15%)
Reduce Allergy and Viral Symptoms and Contagion with these products…
Allergy: stop sneezing, wheezing, runny eyes, and noses.
Decongest: “I wear decongest every night and wake up clear. If I don’t, I wake up congested. It also stops headaches from congestion and infection” Jason Ermis
Viral Escape: Stop viral infections and contagion. Virus thrive along the spine and can reinfect your body under stress. “I haven’t had a viral infection since I began using viral escape”-Laura
Enterovirus: The safest blend for children as well as adults. Apply along the spine for best results.
Cold & Flu: The best blend for travel and when symptoms occurred. Used in hospitals daily.
Clearing Feng Shui: Clear virus from each room and the corners of rooms, pillows, and clothes to clear viral and toxic elements. A calming blend.
Hand Sanitizer: All Organic senza alcohol. Essential oils and essences to boost immunity.
Immune Boost Roll-on Aroma: Rare absolutes to reduce asthma, allergies, virus, and boost immunity.
Cough Roll-on Aroma: Sedates cough, hoarseness and itchy throat. Also, anti-fungal.
Mr. Grumps: On sale for Mark (Grumpy) Strickland Birthday January 29th